New Medical Insurer

All Our Valued Medi-Life (S5) Contributors, Air Niugini Savings and Loan Society Limited (ANGSL) is pleased to inform all its valued & loyal Medi-Life contributors that the society has now engaged a new Insurer namely, PHA Health Assurance Company Ltd.

The decision to move on was made by the Management and the Board of Directors of ANGSL after much deliberation with the contributing members’ best interests being the one driving factor. With PHA, Medi-Life contributors can now enjoy improved benefits such as:

• Pay only 20% of any medical bills incurred. The insurance plan covers the remaining 80%.
NOTE: This plan only applies to designated medical institutions – refer list of Affiliate Clinics and Hospitals.

• Pay only 20% for any medication purchased at any City Pharmacy Outlet. All Medi/life contributors together with their spouses and dependences will have a PHA card issued that will identify them during any visitation to the designated Private clinics or Hospitals for treatments affiliated under PHA Health Assurance.

• This card must be presented upon medical bill payment or medication purchases at any City Pharmacy Outlets in order to enjoy the benefits. This increases easier and quicker accessibility to the benefits as all beneficiaries are provided the PHA cards upon registration.Upon receipt of the medical card number, the ANGSL team will have it forwarded to you via email, however, you can also download the PHA mobile app via google play store at any time.
Note: Should you require assistance, the ANGSL team will be happy to assist you to access your card number electronically via the PHA mobile app.

Fortnightly contribution to Medi/life (S5) account.
Please take note that, to secure our account with PHA, the society has already paid for all our medical members account in advance for the first (1st) quarter premium.

It should also be noted that there will be an increase of only K5.00 from the previous amount of K38.00 to now K43.00 per fortnight.

All members are advised to increase your medi/life account S5 by K5.00. (Refer attach Irrevocable Authority Deduction form)

We will be deducting the 1st quarter K5.00 from your Personal Savings account to offset the advance payment made.

Do feel free to contact the ANGSL Team for further clarification.