About Us

Over 40 years ago Air Niugini Savings and Loan Society Ltd (ANGSL) was among a handful of establishments that complimented the initial steps of an embryonic state into self governance. The whole establishment was to cater for the country’s very own airline, Air Niugini. Time and the elasticity of policy has enabled ANGSL to open it’s provisions to a much wider population in the country. ANGSL is regulated by the Bank of Papua New Guinea under the Savings & Loan Societies Act 1995 (amended), and is a member of the Federation of Savings & Loan Societies (FESALOS). Other affiliations include the Oceania Confederation of Credit Union Leagues (OCCUL) and the Association of Asian Confederation of Credit Unions (ACCU) respectively.


Over the years, thousands of Papua New Guineans have been supported by ANGSL one way or another. We will do our best to improve and expand our reach with the help of our shareholders, our board and management team that attribute to the operations of the business, to do so, ANGSL keeps forging partnerships to enhance membership privileges. From travel and accommodation discounts to 80% medical coverage, our members can save to spend and save on spending at the same time.


Membership is open to employees of Air Niugini Ltd, its contractors and service providers including other workers employed in Transport, Hospitality and Tourism industry. Public servants and Private employees can also become members of ANGSL.


ANGSL offers a range of Savings, Loans, Fixed Term Deposit and Medical Insurance Scheme products. Members also benefit on discount from selected retail and medical outlets.


Simply complete a Membership Application and Deduction Authority Form. Sign applications and attach a copy of your letter of employment/ID card and hand deliver to our Head office located on 3rd floor Ori Lavi Building in Boroko, NCD.

The Board

The Board is responsible for the oversight of the business.

Kamuta Gabi

Board Chaiman

Mr. Gabi is currently the Traffic Systems and Standards Manager for Air Niugini Limited. He has held various positions of seniority with the National Airline for over 27 years. He was appointed as Chairman of the Society in late 2018 after holding the Deputy Chairman role for 2 years. He has been a financial member of the Society for over 10 years and an advocate for the S&L movement in PNG.

Steven Vai

Deputy Chairman

Mr. Vai resigned in 2018 as the Financial Analyst for Air Niugini Limited. With an accounting background, he serves on the Board as an Independent Director and assists in various committees requiring his accounting skills and knowledge. He provides advisory support to Air Niugini Ltd & the Society respectively. Prior to his appointment in 2018 as Deputy Chairman of the Society, he was the Supervisory Committee Chairman for 2 years and a financial member of the Society for over 15+ years.

Sinia Wamala


Mr. Wamala is currently an Accounts officer with the Finance Department of Air Niugini Limited. He has held various positions of seniority with the National Airline for over 10+ years. He has been a financial member of the Society for over 10 years and an advocate for the S&L movement in PNG.

Fred Tongogo

Independent Director

Mr. Tongogo is currently a professional accountant with 25 years of work experience in four different companies and industries. He holds a MBA from the university of Papua New Guinea in addition to the Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce specializing in Accounting and Finance. He is a dual CPA of both Papua New Guinea and Australia, having sat for 15 professional exams in total in both the CPA PNG and CPA Australia programs to attain the CPA status in both professional accounting bodies. He was recently the Financial Controller at Air Niugini Ltd before his departure and covered for the CFO role at Air Niugini Ltd for three years when the CFO role was vacant. He is currently on a Financial Consulting role with the National Airports Corporation Ltd.

The Management

The management is in charge of the daily operations of the business.

Adrian Rathley

General Manager

Mr. Rathley was appointed General Manager in March 2020 after being appointed Finance & Administration Manager in January 2017. He has over 6 years of experience in the Savings & Loan industry. Prior to his employment with ANGSL, he was the Treasurer/Secretary of the NDB Savings & Loan Society for 4 years. Mr Rathley looks to Growing and Moving forward to an excellence and money savings society. Excepting of new business partnerships and educating the members on the importance of savings.


ANGSL is a member of FESALOS, OCCUL and the ACCU. Having this affiliations enables ANGSL to be up to standard and compliant with all member requirements. Apart from these affiliations, we also maintain a good standing with the Bank of Papua New Guinea, the authority in charge of all regulatory matters.


FESALOS operates with the aim of promoting cooperation and the social well being of its member societies in Papua New Guinea so that they remain sustainable and relevant in providing relevant and affordable financial products and services to their members.

The Association of Asian Confederation of Credit Unions

The ACCU is a regional member based organization of credit unions and cooperatives in Asia. ACCU works in partnership with its members to strengthen and promote credit unions as effective instruments of socio-economic development of the people.

The Oceania Confederation of Credit Union Leagues

The OCCUL is the peak body for credit unions in the Pacific providing support services and representation. This network body was founded by delegates of Pacific Island countries that attended the Pacific Credit Union Technical Congress of 2008 and 2009.